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Hundreds of state and local archives throughout Eastern Europe hold millions of documents that reflect the experience of Jews over many centuries.With the collapse of the Soviet Union and other East European Communist regimes, government archives became more accessible.Although it is true that numerous documents were lost during World War II, the documents that still exist are enormously rich and valuable.

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” You might say, “My ex and I went in 2007.” But leave it there.The Jewish Home's first president, Simon Lewis, was a Polish immigrant and grocery store owner who was concerned with the increasing number of destitute elderly in the community.By 1916, the Jewish Home had raised enough money to purchase property in Boyle Heights, including an existing single-family residence.“Listen,” he cautions, “if Jeffrey gets bored, he’ll probably try to wrap it up at around 45 minutes.So ask your best questions first.” Was that a warning or a tip?