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The seventh sign of the zodiac, Libra is the archetype of harmony, balance and beauty.As the first sign that falls directly opposite another on the circle, Libra represents the first sign that actually necessitates a relationship.By reading the signs, you can narrow down personality traits you want in a partner, and you might even save yourself some time pursuing relationships that just aren’t meant to be.In love and other relationships, Taurus is so slow to respond and commit, it seems like reluctance or even dismissal. Once Taurus’ feelings have emerged, they last for very long.

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So do Virgo and Capricorn, but that doesn’t necessarily mean Taurus is particularly compatible with them – they might be completely unattracted to one another.He can handle pretty much any situation on his own and is tolerable of most.A Scorpio man is a strong individual, full of mystery, who is constantly looking for power and is quite loyal to his loved ones.Affirmation: “I am balanced and in harmony with life.” Libra, the Scales …begins the Autumnal equinox of the year, when the balance between night and day, light and dark, reaches a perfect equilibrium.

Scorpio star sign compatibility chart for dating