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I have to admit, my awesome husband actually came up with this date idea! Make sure you grab lots of pillows, sleeping bags (maybe an air mattress…) so you are nice and comfy inside.

Check out her blog, Messes to Memories, to see her crazy-talented work first hand!! The weather was so nice and pleasant, it just felt great to be outside!

Well, if you want to break away from the dull and boring dating scene, then step out into the great outdoors.

Dare to be different, and take your date on an unconventional night out.

Most online daters live in very suburban areas surrounded by outlet malls and freeways.

Definitely bring a compass because it might be hard to find your way home from Radio Shack. Maybe your idea of hiking is walking around the 16th green eating beanie-weenies from a can and not shaving for a week.